Hello and welcome to DG Mentoring.
My name is Dawud Gurevitch and I am a Success Mentor, Personal Trainer and Author.


The current pandemic has forced us to change in ways that we may well perceive as being negative; however, I suggest we all still have opportunities in our lives despite our collective situation and despite our own mental, physical and spiritual or emotional conditions. If my story proves anything, it is that profound change – both internally and externally – is not only possible, but it is sometimes the best thing that we can do for ourselves and our happiness. And, if you feel the need or desire to work on yourself to achieve your goals, it is my job to assist you in moving from where you are right now to where you want to be more quickly and more easily than if you were to go it alone.

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Success Mentoring

Success mentoring helps people to improve their skills, thereby increasing their abilities and enhancing their performance. It naturally helps to identify and resolve potential and actual issues and difficulties before they grow into larger problems. Whether you are seeking inner peace, work/life balance, a promotion, to improve your performance at work, to simply to feel happier, or something else, it can all be achieved through the mentoring I offer here at DG Mentoring.

This service combines goal-setting, action-planning, accountability and support. Some individuals need just a few sessions; however, if the goal is bigger, then more mentoring sessions may be needed.

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Personal Training

Holistic health is the single most important area of your life to focus on if you want to work on one or more other areas effectively, which is why I highlight it with every client that I work with. For some clients, our focus on this area of their lives will only involve talking about it. For other clients, they may ask me to extend my success mentoring service to include the complimentary service of personal training, too; that is, if you want me to, I can also create the following tools for you that will be customised to suit your current health and fitness levels, lifestyle, resources, and preferences:

  • Training plans
  • Diet plans
  • Motivational coaching
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Self-help book

For some people turning to a Success Mentor or Personal Trainer is not what they need or want; therefore, I have combined my love for success mentoring, my passion for personal training and my fanaticism for film in my new practical psychology book, May the Source Be with You: A Filmic Guide to Change Your Life, a self-help book with a difference. Think of my book as Tony Robbins meets Christopher Nolan, the former being the world’s most popular Success Mentor and the latter being the world’s most visionary film Writer, Director and Producer.

May the Source Be with You: A Filmic Guide to Change Your Life takes ten contemporary and particularly positive, inspiring, motivating and empowering Hollywood films – most of which are based on real people and true events – and analyses them from a personal development viewpoint. Furthermore, I have added real-life case studies of ex-clients as well as people you will have heard of and some you won’t have but whose stories can inspire you to change your own life. Likewise, I have included many practical exercises for the mind, the body and the soul as well as some exercises that work to integrate all three parts of you at once.

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2020 top Authors give their #1 tip for CEOs and Directors


[Expert comment featured in CEO Today magazine, January 2021] Dear CEO/Director, as well as focusing on the science of achievement through working exceptionally hard to maximise the value of your business, I implore you to focus on the art of fulfilment in your personal life in order to avoid burnout, stress and negativity.

Mindfulness: 8 films that teach us to live in the present


[As featured in Woman’s Way magazine] As a cultured woman who wishes to live well, you may already know that meditation, including the popular technique of mindfulness, can work wonders for your mind, body and soul. As such, here are eight films that can inspire, motivate and empower you to live more in the here and now.

5 films to inspire life change


[As featured in The Irish Sun newspaper] Movies entertain us – they make us laugh, they make us cry, they even inspire us to get up and go for a run as I found out after watching Tron: Legacy, but did you know that they can also inspire you to change your life?

Lessons from films to boost wealth, health and happiness


[As featured in AMBA’s Ambition magazine] Before COVID-19 Hollywood produced 365 films a year on average and Bollywood 1,000 films a year, not to mention Lollywood (the film industry of Pakistan), Nollywood (Nigeria), Trolleywood (Tesco’s straight-to-shelf film arm), and so on and so forth.