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The content of this powerful book is as unique as its title….It is obvious that Dawud has spent a lot of time in selecting and researching the films to support his themes of growth for his readers, making the journey of life change interesting, entertaining, enlightening and relevant…This book is a rip-roaring adventure!” – Curly Martin, top-ten Success Mentor and international bestselling Author

“An extensive, intensive and very interesting book.” – Maria Round, Weight Watchers Leader and Life Coach

“…you’ve written a very inspiring, intelligent, clever, and interesting [book], which will give something to everyone who gets to read this….” – Anonymous, Saleswoman

“An engaging read: really interesting, totally unique, thought-provoking and empowering…. Thanks for the insight and inspiration!” – Robert Yates, Screenwriter

“Insightful guide and easy to follow. I found this book to be thought-provoking, helpful, relevant to one’s feelings, easy to understand, and a very insightful guide.” – L. D., Aircraft Mechanic

“Dawud is an exceptional Life Coach.” – Ross Thompson, Entrepreneur, Educator and Author

Book synopsis

May the Source Be with You: A Filmic Guide to Change Your Life is a mind body spirit non-fiction book that engages, informs, entertains, inspires, motivates, and empowers you to take more control of your professional life and/or personal life and thereby feel more joy, more contentment and more peace. The way I do this is by analysing ten contemporary and very positive Hollywood films – most of which are based on real people and true events – and then punctuating each chapter with various practical exercises for your mind, your body and your soul as well as real-life case studies and reflective questions that move you from passive reader and thinker to active doer and peaceful warrior in order that you achieve greater health, wealth and happiness.


Whilst every reader’s journey with my book is unique, just some of the common benefits experienced include that you will:

clarify your goals and create action plans to ensure that you achieve everything you want to
understand the power of beliefs so that you’re empowered to turn your dreams into realities
expand your comfort zone and invite more opportunities into your life
free yourself of any negative emotions and feel more hope and optimism than ever before
increase your mental, physical and spiritual strength
learn how to integrate your mind, body and soul so that you feel more love, joy and peace
don’t just pursue greater health, wealth and happiness but actually achieve all of these things
reinvent yourself – several times over if necessary – thereby resulting in more positive outcomes
achieve more success in the next ten years than you ever imagined


Popular Hollywood film analyses
practical, step-by-step and easy-to-do exercises for your mind, your body and your soul
simple templates to use when doing some of the exercises
case studies of former clients, celebrities and other people
personal anecdotes to add to the case studies
reflective questions to deepen your thinking and raise your level of self-awareness
references to other sources of inspiration, motivation and empowerment such as books and songs


Dear reader, if you are willing to buy my book, please will you also review it on whichever Amazon website you purchase(d) it on? The reason is that this true labour of love took me a little over ten years from inception all the way through to publication on Amazon. Why so long? Because if you’ve never written a book before, just as I hadn’t, then you probably don’t know how much time it takes to juggle full-time work and a family with researching your subject, writing about it, self-editing it countless times, trying to get it published, having it proofread and then self-editing it countless more time, waiting for it to be typeset, waiting for it to be indexed, sending countless emails to your Publishers, not to mention your Publicists and Website Developers, dealing with many life events in-between dealing with all of these things, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And so it is now my great pleasure to present my book to the world and to ask anyone who invests in buying and hopefully acting on it to reward my investment in it by reviewing it so that other people get to know what you thought of it and hopefully how it helped you to change your life for the better.