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5 lockdown movies to help brighten your life

[As featured in Female First magazine]

Movies can entertain us in lockdown, but they can also inspire or strengthen personal qualities in us that will help to brighten our lives.

Resilience: Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru (2016), a feel-good documentary about one of Tony Robbins’ yearly seminars called “Date with Destiny”. We need resilience in lockdown in order not just to survive but also to overcome any and all additional struggles that come our way as a result. Watch this documentary and be inspired by how several of the people in this six-day ‘lockdown’ break through limiting beliefs and old habits to become their better, stronger selves.
Self-discipline: Gravity (2013), an empowering science-fiction space thriller in which Sandra Bullock plays Dr Ryan Stone, an Astronautical Engineer who becomes stranded alone inside her debris-damaged Space Shuttle and attempts to return to Earth alive. The ability to be emotionally intelligent in difficult circumstances such as lockdown, including experiencing possible feelings of isolation and loneliness, is important for our mental-emotional and physical wellbeing, and Dr Stone’s self-control when distressed demonstrates how we can do the same.

Bravery: Close (2019), a powerful and credible biographical thriller in which Sam Carlson (Noomi Rapace), a counter-terrorism expert and the Bodyguard of spoiled heiress Zoe Tanner (Sophie Nelisse), fights tooth and nail to protect her client from some dangerous people out for her fortune. Courage is “…the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation” (Wikipedia.org), is something Sam shows us in spades, and is something that will empower us to face our own struggles in lockdown head on if only we muster this quality that is already there within us.

Gratitude: The Intouchables a.k.a. Untouchable (2011), not to be confused with the 1987 gangster film The Untouchables, is a moving French dramedy about “[an] unusual friendship [that] develops when a [streetwise] immigrant [Driss (Omar Sy)] is hired to take care of a disabled French nobleman [Philippe (François Cluzet)].” (Google.com) Seeing Driss and Philippe’s respective struggles may well make us count our blessings despite our collective and individual situation and we may well feel more optimistic and hopeful come rain or shine or lockdown or whatever.

Mindfulness: Peaceful Warrior (2006), a biographical drama in which “Dan [Millman (Scott Mechlowicz)], a college student and a world-champion gymnast, is disturbed and wants to add some meaning to his life. A chance encounter leads him to discover an enlightened way ahead.” (Ibid.) Mindfulness is important in lockdown and, I would suggest, at any time because, as Dan illustrates in the film and the real-life Dan teaches us in his book the film is based on, it is a practice that makes us feel more love, joy and peace, thereby making a real, positive and potentially lasting qualitative difference to our lives.

Truthfully, all five films promote all five qualities and therefore can all brighten your life, so get comfortable and get ready to be inspired, motivated and empowered to become your better self.

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