Stop making excuses. Stop being a victim. Take personal responsibility. Hold yourself accountable. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. And finally, make your dreams come true.
– David Goggins, Ultra Marathon Runner, Ultra Distance Cyclist, Triathlete, Author, Motivational Speaker, and retired US Navy Seal

Some common mental health disorders and life problems include:

stress / anxiety
– obsessive-compulsive disorder
– low mood / depression
– comfort eating / eating disorder
– weight loss / gain
– work troubles
– money worries
– stress-related illness
– relationship problems
– low self-esteem
– low self-confidence
– feeling stuck in a rut
– chronic lack of motivation
– feeling crushed by life
– suicide ideation

If, like me in the past, you find yourself experiencing any or all of these struggles, the good news is that I know how to successfully overcome each and every one of them plus many others not listed; that is, my success mentoring service has previously benefitted several people such as yourself in many different ways including that they experienced:

– improved mental health
– a healthier relationship with food
– becoming a healthy weight
– improved working conditions
– clearer goals and action plans
– improved physical health and fitness
– better relationships
– increased self-esteem and self-confidence
– renewed appetite for life
– feeling freer and more hopeful
– being stronger mentally, physically and spiritually

Complimentary to my success mentoring service, you may wish to benefit from my personal training service, too; that is, if you could do with one or more diet plans, one or more training plans and a healthy dose of motivational coaching, then I will make it my mission to get you to where you want to be quicker and more easily than if you were to go it alone. Furthermore, you may well benefit from reading and acting on my practical psychology book as well as my popular psychology articles.

My relevant qualifications include:

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